Solar Plexus Chakra [7" x 5"]

Solar Plexus Chakra [7" x 5"]


"Solar Plexus Chakra"

7" x 5" 

Acrylic paint pens and ink on fine art paper. 

The Third Chakra, also called Maṇipūra, is located just above the navel at the solar plexus.  This chakra represents fire, passion, digestion, your prana or life force.  Clearing this chakra is essential for vitality.

This is the chakra that allows you to get up in the morning feeling excited!  If you think of chakras as masculine and feminine energy, this is the masculine to the Sacral Chakra's feminine.  The Sacral Chakra provides the creativity, the ideas, and the Solar Plexus Chakra gives you that burst of inspired action.  You may have a million ideas a second, but if the third chakra isn't cleared, you will never have the energy or motivation to create the things you desire, or act on your inspiration.


*All art ships unframed.

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