Heart Chakra [7"x5"]

Heart Chakra [7"x5"]


"Heart Chakra" 

7" x 5" 

Acrylic paint pens and ink on fine art paper. 

The Heart Chakra, or Anahata, takes us out of the realm of basic needs.  When balanced, we are able to make decisions from a place of love, compassion, joy, and gratitude.  From the heart, essentially.  This chakra is located near the heart, or middle of the chest, which is where it gets its name.  It is commonly associated with the color green.  I think of this as the kind of green you might find in nature.  A nurturing, relaxing, beautiful green.  Whereas the flip side of green is portrayed as envy, greed, inexperience, or fear.  Which in many ways is the exact opposite of love.

Anything can be taken for granted, and this chakra is all about healing those wounds.  Letting go of anything that doesn't come from a place of love.  Nurturing ourselves, our bodies, our loved ones, and making decisions from a place of wisdom, not scarcity.


*All art ships unframed. 

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