Custom Yoga Pose

Custom Yoga Pose

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The Chakra Yoga and Meditation series are based on my love for yoga, and have been a turning point for my art in many ways.  I found myself inspired to create these series, in a way that I had never experienced before.  I woke up every day excited to get to work on this project, and let inspiration take me where it wanted to go. 

I did not include every pose, or even every style of yoga in this collection.  It is based on a straight forward vinyasa flow practice, and meditation concepts.  

This option for a custom piece is perfect for someone who wants a specific pose that was not included in the original series.  

There are two size options: 

7" x 5"

12" x 9" 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for this drawing to ship, as it will be made to order.  This piece will ship unframed.

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