The Bespoke Art Project



I had an idea - to create custom art for people based on a personal, one-on-one, 20 minute consultation. I love creating art (duh), but I also really love people. And I love creating art for people. I wanted to find a way to create art that is experimental, collaborative, and meaningful for the person receiving it.

After all, why do we buy art in the first place? Whenever I have bought a piece of art for myself, it was because I liked it. That simple. I liked looking at it, and wanted to take it home and look at it some more. Then I thought, how can art be more than just something we like looking at? What if art can alter our consciousness, creating a backdrop for our subconscious mind to pull inspiration from?

Together we will explore your deepest passions, dreams, ambitions, desires and create something that encapsulates what you wish to manifest into your life. A piece that truly resonates with your highest purpose.

Because of this, I have decided to remove the monetary restrictions that often accompany art, and make it 100% donation based.


“So in love with Lauren's new BeSpoke Art Project! If anyone hasn't heard about it, I highly recommend checking it out - based on a conversation where she asked me all kinds of questions about my dreams, preferences, and aspirations, she created a piece of art that is an amazingly true expression of my higher self. The piece gives me such a feeling of warmth and peace when I look at it, and contains beautiful, subtle reminders of all of the aspirations I discussed with Lauren, blending them all into unity in this deeply personal, inspirational piece of art. Not to mention the perfect attention to detail that is so pleasing to the eye! The online picture is nothing compared to how it looks in person. Lauren has a certain empathy that makes it so easy to open up, that when she was asking me questions about myself in preparation for the custom art creation, she actually helped me open up a dialogue within myself about passions I had let fall by the wayside. So grateful to have this art to remind me about those aspirations everyday!”

~ Emily S.


STEP 1 : Select a contribution amount

~ This covers materials, time, and shipping costs.

~ Size + medium commensurate with contribution level.

~ No amount is too big or too small.

STEP 2 : Schedule your consultation

~ Consultations run approximately 20 minutes

~ If you do not see a time that works with your schedule, please contact me. Night and weekend consultations are available upon request.

STEP 3: The Consultation

~ I will call you at the time of your scheduled consultation.

~ I will ask you a series of questions ranging from your favorite color, to hobbies and interests, to dreams and aspirations.

~ It will be fun!

STEP 4 : Get excited!

~ We’re going to create something pretty awesome together!

~ Depending on the size and medium, artwork will ship within 2 - 5 weeks.

~ Content will vary for each individual piece.

* Due to the nature of this project, no refunds will be given.